What is electro-acupuncture?

Simply put, electro-acupuncture is the addition of electrical current to acupuncture needles placed into acupuncture points.  It can also be called  P.E.N.S. (Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) when the target is the nerve pathway rather than the  acupuncture channel. There is a correlation between acupuncture meridians (pathways) and nerve pathways but, it is only about 70%.

So, why the addition of electricity? The electrons (electricity) passing through the needles is directed either by nerve or acupuncture pathways to the desired treatment area to promote healing. The frequency and strength of the electricity can be adjusted to cause the body to either secrete certain chemicals or aimed directly at specific tissues.

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These points can be accessed directly on the body or by the use of ear acupuncture points.The needles provide a vehicle to overcome the skin’s resistance to electricity (between 1000 and 100,000 Ω) and allow the needed amount of electricity to enter the body and promote healing.

 The specific condition and the length of the condition’s presence, influences the frequency selected and the length of treatment.  Generally, 85%  or more of patients will notice a change within the first 24 hours after their initial treatment. As visits continue, the effects of treatment last  longer. 

A key factor to understand is that: It is VERY important  to have the initial 5-6 visits as close together as possible! A course of treatment is generally 10 visits for acute to subacute conditions. Chronic conditions will often require multiple courses of treatment (multiple courses of 10 visit treatments). After the initial  5-6 visits are completed, the frequency of visits can often be decreased.

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Veteran Discounts

As with regular acupuncture, cash pay Veterans or widow/widowers of veterans receive 50% the cost of their treatment cost.

Frequently Asked Electro-Acupuncture Questions:

What conditions can electro-acupuncture treat? 

Simply put anything that causes pain. Whether it’s an acute ankle sprain, low back pain  headache, migraine, fibromyalgia or other painful condition: electro-acupuncture can be used to treat it. Stress relief and  better sleep are two  “side effects” that many people report after initiating treatment. These conditions can also be specifically targeted.

How does electro-acupuncture differ from traditional acupuncture?

Simply put, it’s just the addition of the electrons though a machine using a 9 volt battery. However, this addition of energy allows the selection of frequencies to be more specific to the tissue being healed and the chemical effect on the body desired. All of this together speeds up the healing process.

Does electro-acupuncture hurt?

No, the needles are VERY small. So small that multiple needles can be fit inside of a needle used to draw blood. The electrical stimulation is often felt as a slight tapping or buzzing feeling. The strength of this is adjusted to each patients tolerance. Many if not most people nap during treatment.

How long do electro-acupuncture treatments last?

Depending on the condition and the length of time the condition has been present, between 15-40 minutes.

What is/are the advantages of electro-acupuncture?

The two most prominent advantages are possible avoidance of surgery and a decreased or negated need for opiate based pain pills. Remember, our goal is to have you “pain free without pills”TM. If you have or think you may have a problem with prescription pain pills, we also provide medically assisted therapy for opiate addiction.