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Please note that online scheduling times are limited.
If you need an appointment outside of the available blocks below:
Please contact us during normal business hours at 678-247-2115.

New Medication Pain Management Patients Please NOTE:
Due to the need for patient records and referrals to be reviewed NEW patients desiring medical management of pain should contact our office BEFORE scheduling an appointment. Pain patients presenting  without having their records reviewed prior to their first visit will not be seen and will be rescheduled pending records review.

Please download, sign and give a copy of this release to any and all providers ( pcp, surgeon, pain management doctor)that have seen you for your current condition(s). Records must be reviewed before you can be seen as a medical pain management patient.


For Monday Appointments Please NOTE:
We have NEW office hours for Mondays 10am to 7pm for acupuncture visits ONLY. Please call our office directly to ask for a Monday appointment. 678-247-2115

Acupuncture and Injury