Independent Medical Exams

What Is a Certified Independent Medical Examiner?

Dr. Granger is a Certified Independent Medical Examiner according to the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners. This organization establishes national and international consistent standards of competency for licensed physicians who administer independent medical exams. Doctors who are certified under ABIME meet the strict criteria for training, education, and experience, as well as complete continuing education requirements. They also agree to abide by the ABIME code of ethics.

We can provide independent medical examinations for: healthy, happy couple

  • Employers
  • Case managers
  • Board/commissions
  • Insurance claims examiners and adjusters
  • Worker’s compensation agencies
  • Attorneys for both the defense and plaintiff

Our Atlanta pain management and medical care center are able to thoroughly examine your injuries and give an expert opinion on numerous issues, including causation, treatment redirection, and disability evaluations.

Learn more about the benefits of using a CIME and schedule your appointment by calling us today at (678) 247-2115.