Workplace Injury Treatment

High-Quality Workplace Accident Care in Marietta GA and Atlanta Area

If you sustain an injury on the job, recovery should be your top priority. With the medical care experience of Acupuncture and Injury, you can focus on your healing right away to minimize long-term complications that might keep you out of the job. Workplace injuries can be complicated by insurance claims or legal cases, so it is important to seek specialized care to streamline the process of paperwork and disability claims.

Where to Seek Workplace Injury Treatment

Whether you have sustained a fall, repetitive use injury, on-the-job injury, or auto accident injuries, you should not wait to seek medical care. With Acupuncture and Injury, you can be seen by a practitioner right away to examine your injuries and begin treatment. By getting medical attention sooner rather than later, you will have the highest chances of a successful recovery along with a more complete medical history to support your workers’ compensation claim or lawsuit.

What to Bring to Your Consultation

When you come in for your first get a Work Injury Treatment, you will want to bring along emergency room records, disability forms from your employer, and any police reports or other documentation of the injury. While it is important to work with your employer to file a workers’ compensation claim, you should not delay care as you wait to hear back from the HR department at work.

What to Expect in Your Care

Following acute medical care for your injuries, you may need to participate in therapy to help you transition back to the work environment. It is important that you do not rush back to work before you have fully recovered since you might sustain further injuries. Your immediate care will focus on structural repair of injuries, while your long-term care will be geared toward rehabilitation.

  • Workers’ compensation claims – For most on-the-job injuries, workers’ compensation insurance will cover the cost of your medical care and time missed at work. Our staff will provide communication to your employer and/or attorney with updates on your care and condition so that you are not distracted from the recovery process.
  • Therapy – Therapy will focus on rebuilding the motor skills you need to get back to work. Following injuries, therapy will be integral in preventing chronic pain and difficulties in the workplace.

When you need care for a workplace injury, Acupuncture and Injury can offer auto injury treatment and immediate medical attention with a dedicated staff for personal injury care. Contact us for an appointment, call (678) 247-2115.