• Counting Down the Causes of Low T [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Low testosterone, or low T, is an extremely frustrating problem that is also exceedingly common. Men who suffer from low T experience a range of uncomfortable symptoms, including reduced muscle tone, low sex drive, fatigue, weight gain, and depression. Many different things can contribute to low T, and determining the underlying cause can be part of treating the problem. Alcoholism and opioid use are two significant contributing factors for low testosterone. Obesity, diabetes, infections, injuries, and corticosteroid use can also lead to low levels of testosterone. Find out more about the common causes of low T in this infographic from Altergyn, LLC . We provide bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in Atlanta, GA, so men suffering from low T can get symptom relief without the risk of other medical treatment options, like testosterone lotions. Make an appointment for medical care today if you are living with low T symptoms, and please share this information to help others learn about their options.

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  • Altergyn: Quality Care You Can Trust

    Altergyn, LLC is a name people have trusted for medical care in Atlanta since 2009. Our highly experienced team provides independent medical examinations, addiction treatment, hormone replacement therapy, and personal injury care. We ensure you get the care you need and can help you document injuries that occurred during car accidents and in the workplace.

    Patients choose Altergyn again and again for many reasons. Our team has 15 years of experience and work closely with a network of medical care providers across Atlanta to coordinate the treatments you need. Our pricing is competitive, and we limit the time you spend in the waiting room. For those with hormone imbalance symptoms, we offer free consultations for bioidentical hormone replacement. People who are struggling with opioid addiction find compassionate substance abuse treatment with a proven track record of success. For accident victims, we accept attorney liens.

    For quality medical care you can trust, visit the conveniently located Altergyn, LLC, easily accessible from across the city.

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  • Surprising Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Hormones are chemical signals produced by the body to regulate various aspects of your metabolism. As you age, changes in hormone production cause resulting changes in energy, weight, appearance, and general health. If you have begun to experience hormone imbalance symptoms due to the aging process, hormone replacement therapy can supplement your dropping hormone levels for greater comfort, health, and even quality of life. hormone replacement therapy atlanta

    More Energy

    Because your hormone levels regulate your body’s metabolism, dropping hormone production can lead to increased fatigue that can affect your ability and even your motivation to complete both important daily tasks and engage in leisure activities. Additionally, hormone imbalances and other symptoms associated with changing hormone levels can cause sleep difficulties such as trouble falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night. Hormone replacement therapy can thus improve your energy levels by increasing your metabolism and helping you achieve higher-quality sleep, improving your mood and your ability to get through your day without feeling fatigued.

    Lower Osteoporosis Risk

    Both women and men are at higher risk for osteoporosis as they age; women in particular develop a greatly increased risk for osteoporosis after menopause. Because osteoporosis causes the bones to lose density, older adults are at much greater risk for fractures due to falls or even minor accidents, as well as chronic back pain due to weakened and fractured vertebrae. Hormone replacement therapy offsets many of the changes in the body associated with aging and dropping hormone levels, which in turn can drastically reduce your risk for developing osteoporosis or the worsening of existing bone density concerns. This medical treatment will not only lower your risk of serious injury associated with falls, but can also prevent chronic back pain associated with osteoporosis.

    Hormone replacement therapy uses bio-identical hormones to maintain your metabolism and offset hormone imbalance symptoms as you age. Your physician can evaluate your current health and other factors to determine whether this medical treatment is right for you.

  • The Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

    The proper balance of hormones is crucial for so many aspects of health and well-being. If you think you could be experiencing hormonal imbalance symptoms and live near Atlanta, you might consider visiting a medical doctor to discuss hormone replacement therapy . Hormone imbalance symptoms may include sleep disturbances, sexual dysfunction, persistent weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and irritability. If hormonal imbalances are to blame for these problems, then hormone replacement therapy could improve your quality of life.

    Bio-identical Hormone replacement therapy is convenient. Your healthcare provider may recommend the injectable pellets, which only need to be placed every three to six months. With this treatment, men and women may experience improvement of energy levels, bone density, exercise tolerance, weight management, and sleep. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy may help stabilize your mood by fighting anxiety and depression. Over time, you may notice that you feel better and look better. Additionally, hormone replacement therapy can restore sexual function for men and women.

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